DLC Ain’t What It Used To Be


Every year, hundreds of video games are released for consumers to purchase and enjoy. From military shooters to sports and family games they are all priced at $60 a game. With such a heavy investment on one disc you would think that you would have a full complete game. Sadly, as of late this is not the case. Game developers are starting to dig even deeper into their consumer’s pockets by releasing after launch content know as “Downloadable Content” or DLC.

In the past, you used to pay whatever the full price of the game was and that is all you got. A complete game with all the content. Later, game developers started releasing what they called “expansion packs” which would include almost an entire new game that some how tied into the original game. Now companies produce a game, charge the consumer $60 and then release new DLC a couple of months after the games original release.

When DLC first became popular, it was usually free or had a small charge of anywhere from $2 to $5. Now games like Call Of Duty come out and they charge $15 for a new map pack that has five new maps and some of those could even be remakes of past Call of Duty maps. Wait, so they want me to basically re-buy something I already have, but just with a little bit of a new look to it? No thanks. One of the more recent Call of Duties, Black Ops, had four map packs each priced at $15. If you add that all up that’s another $60 spent just on maps. You are basically buying the game twice!

Another trend in DLC that is annoying for consumers is the DLC that is given to consumers because they pre-ordered the game from somewhere. Months before a game is released you have the opportunity to pre-order the game from businesses like Gamestop, Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon.com. The problem with this, is that all of these companies offer some sort of DLC as a “reward” for pre-ordering the game with them. That means that some one who pre-ordered the game at Gamestop will get one DLC thing, while the other person who pre-ordered the exact same game at Best Buy will get something different from the Gamestop guy or nothing at all and vise versa. These special DLCs are usually released later for everyone to get, but if you did not get it for pre-ordering then you will have to pay for it.

What really bothers me the most about this new DLC trend is the fact that I feel if these game developers have all this DLC ready to release after launch, why don’t they just include it with the game when it is released? What I mean is, they should included everything they have created while making the game on the final disc version of the game. For paying $60 a pop consumers deserve the full, finished product. I feel like game developers are purposely not include parts of the game just so they can release it later and charge the consumers even more. This gives the consumer the illusion that they are getting even more of the game that they love so much when really they are getting something they should have already gotten when they slid their debit card to purchase that $60 piece of plastic.

A funny videos about DLC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVxvSy7lptk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIuLVveE6wI



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