What DLC Should Be

In my last post, I talked about how DLC has changed over the years and how it is pretty much a rip off now a days. I still stand by what I said. I think there should be changes in the way companies release DLC and how much they should make the consumers pay.

To me video game developers should try to include as much as they can into the original game on the disc. When I go to the store and pay $60 for a game, I expect to have the complete and finished product. If it is not possible for the developers to fit everything onto one disc then they should either split the game onto two discs or have it online for people to download free of charge. The reason for the multiple discs would be for people who don’t have the internet on their video game system.

I also feel that developers need to lower the price on DLC. Currently the average price for a DLC pack is anywhere between $10 and $15. To me this is a little high. The price of the DLC should be based on how much you are actually getting and how many hours you get out of it. This would be the most fair way to charge the consumer. Of course it would be nice to get it all for free, but I do understand that developers do want to make a profit from the time they spent on making it.

Though I am not terribly happy with the DLC market, I do have to admit that I have spent plenty of money on digital downloads for games. Some were only $2 but others were $15 and even up to $20. I can honestly say that I have gotten burned before by some of the things I’ve downloaded, but I have also been very satisfied. I also have to admit that some of my DLC purchases have been impulse purchases. This includes just buying them because they are new, my friends have them so I feel I should need them, or just because I felt like it at the time.

Overall, DLC is something that is new for the video game industry and that is an ever changing process. Prices are sure to change and DLC is going to continue to grow whether there is more released or each DLC pack that is released has more content. It going to be very interesting to see what happens in the very near future.


One response to “What DLC Should Be

  1. What do you feel would be a fair price for DLC? For example do you think a couple of dollars for a pack of outfits would be fair? Or no? And if a pack added levels to a game would you pay up to fifteen dollars?

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